Creative Acting Workshops

Class Policy

All tutors at Creative Acting Workshops are working professionals. Due to the often unpredictable and last minute nature of the industry, if, in the event a tutor books acting work/ a casting, we will endeavour to find a replacement tutor, if this occurs during an up and running course/workshop. If in the event of work being booked or an emergency, prior to a course commencing, and no substitute tutor is available, students will receive a full refund and the course will be scheduled for a later date.

Students must book either a phone interview or face-to-face informal interview and provide their resume/CV for group classes. This helps us to see if you would suit our workshops/classes and also gives you the chance to see if we are right for you. It also maintains a high level of professionalism and ensures we are pitching the classes/workshops to the right level of experience.

All new students will be required to read and sign an Agreement (download). If you have any health or safety related issues, it is your duty to notify your teacher, and it is at the teacher's discretion whether you will be able to participate in the Trance Dance Warmup or other relevant activities.

We expect a high level of commitment and professionalism at Creative Acting Workshops. This includes good time-keeping and punctuality, respect for your fellow acting students, your teacher and yourself, thorough preparation, wearing suitable shoes and clothing for the warm-up session. Whilst we always want there to be a warm and fun atmosphere, we expect students to be committed and focused and part of the "team effort." If you are repeatedly late and do not respect class rules, come to classes/workshops under the influence of alcohol or drugs or any other form of disruptive behaviour, the director has the right to refuse a student's admittance to the classes/workshops. If you have a specific problem or concern please always try to discuss it with us first! Effective and honest communication is the best way forwards!