Creative Acting Workshops


Six Week Method and Scene Study Course from Thursday 3rd October to Thursday 7th November 2019 6.30pm to 9.30pm at The Stockwell Playhouse/Lost Theatre, 208 Wandsworth Road, Nine Elms, London, SW8 2JU.

This course is open to Intermediate/Advanced/Professional Level Actors. Acceptance onto the Workshop is by resume/CV submittal.
Please email with your CV before paying.

Please download and print off a signed copy of Agreement on Class/Workshop Policy page and bring with you to first day of class or email to

Course Payment Options:
Early Bird £200 until Thursday 12th September.
Full price £230 after Thursday 12th September up to Tuesday 17th September.
To secure your place, you can pay a non-refundable deposit of £75 before 12th September to get the Early Bird offer or after 12th September up to 17th September paying full price.
The remaining amount would be due by Tuesday 17th September. In the event that the course is cancelled by Creative Acting Workshops, the deposit and remaining monies will be fully refundable to the student. If you decide to secure your place with the £75 non-refundable deposit, CAW will send you our business bank account details to pay the remaining amount of either Early Bird option (£125) if you booked before 12th September or £155 if you pay the deposit after 12th September up to 17th September. Non-refundable Deposit /Early Bird and Full price options are available on Paypal on our Prices/Payment page.

Course Description:

In the Six Week Combined Scene Study and Technique Course, we will begin with the Trance Dance warm-up, then move onto Technique, working through the Sensory, Affective Memory and other exercises of mainly Lee Strasberg, and other practitioners, such as Augusto Boal and Sanford Meisner. The latter half of the class will focus on scenes. In the Scene Study and Technique class you will learn how to:

Make your body/instrument expressive.
Develop Voice and Dialect.
Build and develop a character, so that you and the character appear "seamless" and believable.
Look at the tempo-rhythm of the character.
Maintain logic and continuity in the scene.
"Demystify" the text - understand how to approach text, look at the Through-Line, Units, Beats and Subtext within a scene.
Understand the conflict and obstacle within the scene and within the character.
Achieve spontaneity, concentration and being present on stage/set with your co-actor and to find the Moment-to-Moment reality within the scene.

We very much look forward to welcoming you all on Thursday 3rd October. Please leave a message at our new CAW number 07943 718 163 if you need more info and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.