Creative Acting Workshops


'Abigail is an excellent teacher because she is a terrific actress. She understands her students and uses whatever technique from her own toolbox to make that person understand and become their character - I have witnessed this in myself and many others. Abigail offers dedicated, personal support to all her students and it is evident that she wants you to learn and hone the acting craft. She manages to creative a safe environment where every inspiring or well-versed actor can experiment. I owe much of my creative freedom and success to her.' D.Martini (London)

'Abigail is a very caring, nurturing and supportive acting coach and I enjoyed working with her immensely. She does not hold back in critiquing your work or indeed applauding it and both these elements are crucial for the growth of an actor.' Llila Vis (London)

'Abigail is a dedicated and introspective teacher who can touch her students to their personal points and beyond to achieve major breakthroughs.

Using her trained techniques from Lee Strasberg, Meisner, Stella Adler and others has enabled me to apply the appropriate exercises needed to express myself fully on stage. Her compassion, sensitivity and professionalism towards her students' needs has also influenced me to recommend many others to experience her classes.

She has helped me overcome many tough challenges such as blocking, intellectualising and tension which are all traits that can be destructive to an actors/actress's art of expression.

Through her guidance I now have the confidence to perform for plays and movies etc. and to approach professional agencies in Hollywood for high profile work.' Meera Ram (Actress/Writer/Director)

Classes with Abigail and Michael sometimes crazy, sometimes difficult, but always inspiring! They are caring, insightful teachers who understand an actor's creative sensitivity, how important it is for each actor to find their way through the material. They have a never-ending well of patience and encouragement. I really love taking their classes. Anne (London)

'I've had the pleasure of working with Abigail Hopkins in a few different ways, firstly when she was directing me, then Miss Hopkins performed in my film installation, 'Homogeminus' and lastly I attended her workshop in Poland. Everytime I was delighted to work with such a sensitive and professional artist. Even though in everyday acting work, I use a different technique to Strasberg's, I found Miss Hopkins' workshops very refreshing and stimulating.S.Kaczmarek (Poland/London)

'I recommend every actor to work with Abigail who wishes to find out about his/her true potential, and who likes to discover his real face as a human and as an actor. In the short three days of the workshop, I sometimes had the feeling that time stood still and gave me the possibility to make a journey into myself and it was a world of imagination and creativity, a very enlightening journey! I was able to check immediately, to see if the workshop methods worked for me, as I had to perform on stage in my regular acting job on the same day. My appearance on stage was changing, I refined my acting and I find my characters are now crystallized in stronger colors...I recommend Abigail's workshops with all my heart and I wish the participants an unforgettable experience and education they will use in their acting practice.' Edyta Ɓukaszewska (Actress - Poland)

'Abigail has a unique skill of drawing out your true nature and emotion without holding any judgement in order for you to produce your best work in the present moment. Always an honest expressive experience when working with her.' Michael (London)